Lesson6 (4%*23=92)
In the year 1620, several ___________(百) ___________(清教徒) moved to the New World ___________(介系詞) a little ship, the Mayflower. In the first year, they had a lot of ___________(問題). The ___________(天氣) was bad and they didn’t have ___________(足夠) food. Many people were sick and ___________(死亡). But the Pilgrims were not ___________(害怕). They ___________ ___________(努力工作). The Indians also ___________(幫助) them. They had a good ___________(收成) the next year. Everyone was happy and ___________(感恩的). They invited the Indians and ___________(慶祝) the ___________(收成) ___________(介系詞) a big dinner.

Now, ___________ is an ___________ holiday in the USA and Canada. People get ___________ with their family and usually ___________ their friends, too. They often have big ___________. But the really ___________ thing is always ___________.


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