Lesson4 (3%*24=72)

Amanda Brown is a computer ___________(工程師). Three years ago, she ___________(搬家) to Taiwan ___________ her family and ___________(找到) a job here. She ___________(學) some Chinese and ___________(交) many Chinese friends. Ted Wu, ___________ ___________(例如), ___________ her good friend. They often go out ___________(一起).

Last Sunday morning, they ___________ a ___________ (約會). Amanda was ___________ ___________(等待) Ted in the park. Ted was late and he ___________(道歉). But Amanda didn’t ___________(介意). She didn’t ___________(責備) him at all.
Amanda is really a nice girl. She is very ___________(友善) and ___________(體貼). ___________ ___________(難怪)Ted ___________ her ___________ ___________(非常喜歡).


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