Endless love  Lionel Richie & Diana Ross

男:My love, there's only you in my life
  The only thing that's bright

女:My first love
  You're every breath that I take
  You're every step I make

男:And I
男:I want to share
合:All my love with you
男:No one else will do...

女:And your eyes
男:Your eyes, your eyes
合:They tell me how much you care
  Ooh yes
  You will always be my endless love

合:Two hearts, two hearts that beat as one
   Our lives have just begun

合:I'll hold you close in my arms
  I can't resist your charms

女:And love
男:Oh, love
合:I'll be a fool for you, I'm sure
女:You know I don't mind
男:Oh, you know I don't mind

合: 'Cause you, You mean the world to me
女:I know 
男:I know
合:I've found in you
  My endless love

合:Oooh, and love
男:Oh, love
合:I'll be that fool for you, I'm sure
女:You know I don't mind
男:Oh you know-
合:I don't mind

合:And, yes
  You'll be the only one
  'Cause no one can deny this love I have inside
  And I'll give it all to you
男:My love
女:My love, my love
合:My endless love



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