TAIPEI, Taiwan (CNN) -- Taiwan voters overwhelmingly elected Nationalist Party candidate Ma Ying-jeou to be president on Saturday, apparently choosing the promise of economic growth through closer ties with China over fears that those ties to the mainland could lead to a loss of independence.

Ma, whose campaign touted the economic benefits of better relations with China
, defeated the Democratic Progressive Party's Frank Hsieh, who advocated going slower and holding back in some areas.
眉批:我認為CNN對謝院長的經濟政策並沒有全面的了解,"holding back in some areas"的說法並不是完全正確,我認為要做生意應該是跟開發中國家,也就是比我們好的國家做交流,而不是去跟一個落後國家打交道,何況中國這個國家目前應該算是未開發或是開發中國家,看起來進步似乎很快,但其實貧富差距極大,生活水平也比我們落後許多,衛生條件也比我們差了許多,如果真的讓一大堆中國人進來,與我們平凡百姓最直接的關係就是"B型肝炎傳染"的問題。

Taiwan's central election commission projected that Ma Ying-jeou had won more than 58 percent versus Frank Hsieh's 41 percent, with most of the votes counted.His margin of victory was the largest in the history of Taiwan's presidential races. Ma's vote total topped the 7 million mark, a point at which it would be mathematically impossible for him to lose, the commission said. The commission estimated that 75 percent of Taiwan's eligible voters cast ballots in the presidential race.

"People want a clean government instead of a corrupt one," Ma, also a former justice minister, told The Associated Press.  "They want a good economy, not a sluggish one. They don't want political feuding. They want peace across the Taiwan Strait. No war."

Hsieh, a former premier, conceded defeat in front of unhappy supporters, AP reported. "Don't cry for me today," Hsieh said. "Although we lost the election, we have a more important mission. The torch of democracy should not be extinguished." 

While Ma was considered the frontrunner throughout the campaign, the recent crackdown on anti-Chinese protests in Tibet was used by the opposition in an effort to convince voters that there was danger in dealing with China.

Hsieh, pointing to China's crackdown on Tibet, said the same thing could happen to Taiwan if it gets too close to Beijing. Ma disagreed."Taiwan is not Tibet. Neither it is Hong Kong. We are a sovereign country and a democratic country."

The mainland Chinese government has made clear that closer ties would only be a first step -- it considers Taiwan, on the island of Formosa southeast of the mainland, an inseparable part of China and constantly pushes for eventual reunification.
眉批:外國都如此清楚中國的野心,馬先生你看見了嗎?我相信eventual reunification絕對不是大部分台灣人民的選項!

During the election, voters also voted down a referendum on Taiwan joining the United Nations.
眉批:referendum這麼神聖的權利已經被KMT愚民化到了一個程度,三年內台灣加入聯合國這個議題已經不能再提了!馬先生,身為一個哈佛法律博士,當過法務部長的人,竟然沒有投referendum,我只能對他說一句英文:shame on him!

President George W. Bush congratulated Ma on Saturday and said the United States would "maintain close unofficial ties" with Taiwan."The maintenance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and the welfare of the people on Taiwan remain of profound importance to the United States," Bush said in a statement.

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